To transfer your savegame from PS4 to PS5, please do the following:

  1. Install the PS4 Version on PS5 (and Scallop DLC if purchased)
  2. Ensure all Savegames are synced to the PS5 for FNA (via USB or Cloud Backup)
  3. If you owned the Scallop DLC on PS4, ensure that on FNA EE PS5 the Scallop DLC is installed as well
  4. Launch Fishing: North Atlantic - Enhanced Edition on
  5. Go to Load Career
  6. Press Triangle to get a list of PS4 saves to load.
  7. Press Cross confirm the selected savegame
  8. The game will now load the save if possible and you can save it to any slot.

To transfer your savegame from XB1 to XBX, please do the following:

  1. Install the Xbox One build on Xbox One
  2. Boot the game, create a save file with profile A
  3. Exit the game
  4. Leave the console idle for a few minutes (15-20) to make sure that the save data is uploaded to the cloud
  5. Sign out profile A
  6. Install the XSX version on XSX
  7. Sign in the same profile A and boot the ttitle
  8. Let the title sync the save data (it does it automatically)
  9.  Once in the game, use the import save game option

This can also work if the Xbox One build is installed on XSX already.