Fish sonar are used to find fish habitats around the map. Fish that show up in your sonar, come from the front of your boat and will show a recorded sonar history over the area that you passed for up to 1000 metres. Fish species shown on sonar is the type of fish you will catch if you set out your fishing gear.

Sonar will not work properly while using fast travel, so use the sonar while traveling in real time for best search results. Your sonar will only show fish if your boat are over an area where fish are represented.

Sometimes you will not see any fish on your sonar, as the fish habitats are constantly in motion around the map. Fish habitats swims around in pre-defined pattern, some from north west to south east and some in circles all year round.

Note: Use zoom to adjust your sonar read distance, its recommended to have it between 100m to 250m for a more accurate fish tally.

A = Position of fish sonar on boat.
B = Best time to set fishing gear.
C = Last chance to set fishing gear.
D = Depth to seabed.
E = Length of sonar history behind boat.
= Zoom in/out sonar history.