VRInsight Ship Console

Default is the left lever (on the right side) to accelerate (forwards/backwards), and the rudder adjusted to steer. All buttons and the right lever can be assigned by yourself.

Logitech G920

The steering wheel is set for steering, the accelerator pedal for driving forward, and the brake pedal for reversing. Buttons can be assigned by yourself. G Hub software must run parallel to the game and “combine pedals” must be activated in the pedal settings. The clutch is deactivated. 


Logitech G29 (PS3 Edition)

Only the steering wheel is set to steering by default. You can assign the accelerator as well the buttons by yourself. As with the G920, the G Hub software must run parallel to the game and “combine pedals” must be activated in the pedal settings. The clutch is deactivated. 

1. How do I configure my pedals?

If you have pedals with the steering wheels, it is important to install the Logitech G Hub software and that the “Combined Pedals” setting, under “Pedal Sensitivity”, is activated in the software (Nr. 3 on the picture) 

2. All unknown devices 

All unknown devices recognized by Windows are set up as a generic device, automatically calibrated and should be operational. If necessary, there is a software called “vJoy” that you can use to mirror inputs (e. g. from a self-made device) on a virtual device. This virtual device is recognized by the game and can be used. 

3. What if the automatic calibration fails?

In this case you can run the calibration yourself, and to do that go into the Calibration-Menu:

Settings -> Key bindings -> Slider on Ship Console, Steering wheel or Generic Device -> button “Calibrate Input Device”. 

Click on Input Devices to open Axes configuration.

In this menu, the axes must be set so that they do not output any value [1], (the graphical axis should not be red or green) when in default position. At full stop the output should be 1 or -1.

This configuration can be done by setting the dead zone (minimum value to be recognized), the factor (Input*Factor), the sensitivity (Input^Sensitivity), the checkbox to invert and the checkbox whether it is a pedal. Remember to untick Pedal? [2] If the axes are not connected to any pedals!


There is also a button Default/Auto, which restarts the automatic configuration. Be aware that the axes have to be in the default position for automatic configuration and you may have to check the full stop values.

If you experience issues with your steering wheel. Please rename the folder "WindowsNoEditor" under C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\FNA\Saved\Config and then reconfigure the wheel again. This should fix any issue.

Do you want your device to be automatically configurated? Please feel free to send us a screenshot of your generic device setup, so we can add it as an automatic configuration for your device. Send email to support(a)miscgames.no with screenshot, name and serial number of your device. Thanks!